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Adult Programs

In the academy, we give you tools . options . opportunities, our programs teach, our firm protects . advises on business . provides connections . your entrance to the in-side most never see… So what you do with what we offer is only up to you, always has been!

The only real-time that you fail is because you never start!

Our foundation started in 1996, with a focus in helping newcomers into the Adult Industry, teaching you about the world of adult...


Conducting U.S. & International Law & Business for Adult.


Invited Speakers & Panelists at AVN in Las Vegas.


Protecting 1000’s of clients around the world.


Helping adult clients achieve 5-figure to 8-figure revenue.

What will you learn

Academy programs, are based on certain pillars, the pillars are simple & work, educate through all forms of learning – see . hear . do… 

Build Foundation

Everything you do from jump, will over-lapping everything else, your business will make you step outside of all comfort-zones.

Build Fundamentals

The legal way to do the business, working with technology, creating & selling.

Build Skills To Profit

The day you start, so does your skill-building. Money always chases mastery...

The new you, you’ll
acquire from the academy

How To Access Sexy Models

Tools & Connections

Technology Platforms

Basic Business Operation

The Right Legal For You

Make Online A Sales Machine

Accolades from Clients

Something truly epic happens, when a client see’s their very first $, from something they’ve been taught, they want to give back to those who helped them, & they also want to Pay-It-Forward…

We’re all do business to be profitable, as entrepreneurs we can make money, & also Pay-It-Forward, because we’ve all had help at some point in our careers & lives. 

This is our mentality & the clients we work with, feel the same…

Clients Consider Us Their Number "1" Go To In The Industry
The team at Adult Seminars has given me something that I thought was only a dream!
In college I thought I had my career planned out, but a few years in to working at a big company, I was bored & hated my job, in a rut, I always had thoughts about 2 things, having my own business & the adult industry, did a little research & Adult Seminars kept coming up, went through their site, contacted. & in less than a week, I was starting my own adult business, I'll never look back, best thing I could do for myself.
Cornell Jamal
Web Cam Studios
Something was missing in my life, I found my new sexy life & money, invest whatever you have to, into you.
I was ready for a change, I wanted something that gave me a life & sexy, girls, money & a party lifestyle, something I've never had before.

Well here to tell you, I now have everything I asked for, having your own business is work & I struggled, but when your doing it for yourself, the grind is exciting & worth it, because now I access some of the hottest girls & parties, & money is not a worry anymore, my businesses are profitable, month after month, I am extremely grateful to these guys!
J. Petkus
Adult Production & Cam Studio

The Fast-Track Programs


1st - Step | Program


2nd - Step | Program


Steps | Combined

Fast-Track Starter

The Fast-Track Starter is the beginning to a long career & business in the Adult Industry, knowledge . skills . expertise begin somewhere, & & the World of Adult, starts here...

Fast-Track Next-Level

The Next-Level dives deeper in to the business & the industry, it touches on real-life work, models, legal & business, you see behind-the-scenes, what your new lifestyle could look-like...