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"Things You Need To Know..."

Money Spent with us.

Your money is your future with us, every dollar spent on training, will be deducted from your retainer amount, should you choose to retain AdultSeminars in your future…

Retainer Services.

AdultSeminars is not just a mentor on the Adult Industry, our retainer services is both legal & business, we bullet-protect your legal, & we also provide business level mentorship.


If your dollars are stretched thin, then we’ve options for you to pay towards your retainer & starting your Adult Business over time.



Are Files Downloadable?

Yes, there are downloadable files for you to review off-line, there are .pdf, .xlsx, .jpg files, videos are only viewable online, training is best-viewed on pc or tablet, because of the monthly-data used on smartphone. 

Does My Access Expire?

No, after you purchase your training, you will have access for as long as we are in business, & we have been in business since 1996, we think your good!

Do I get access to future updates?

Yes, we periodically add content, with our new academy, we’ll be looking at our archives & new content, & add accordingly…

Can I speak to an adult attorney?

Yes, AdultSeminars founder always speaks with new clients, you have an opportunity to get your legal questions answered about the Adult Industry.

What Are My Pay Options?

We’ve laid payment options here for Academy Programs, if your totally serious to start a new business, we’ll talk to see what we can do together.

What If I am A retainer client?

All retainer clients have access to all training material in the academy, during the beginning process of structuring your new business, retainer clients who have not been thru the training previous, we have them go thru during the 1st 30 – 45 days during the business setup phase, because the important key is you move forward, learning during all process phases…

When one door closes another opens but often we look-long
at the closed door we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

Fall seven times and stand up eight...